Weight Training 101: The Advantages Of Owning An Adjustable Weight Bench

Training with weights on a regular basis is a key component of any good workout routine, and one of the most fundamental weight lifting exercises is the classic bench press. Performing three to five sets of bench presses once or twice per week can take your upper body strength and musculature to the next level.


Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Weight Bench Review

In fact, the bench press is such a beneficial lift, it is a good idea to consider purchasing an adjustable weight bench for your home so you can perform presses anytime you want. Lets examine the advantages of owning an adjustable weight bench.

A fully adjustable weight bench lets you perform flat, incline and decline bench presses so you can work your chest from all angles while also hitting your shoulders and triceps. Incline bench presses target the upper chest and place more stress on the shoulders, while flat and decline presses work the lower and middle chest, and allow you to use heavier weights. More weight bench information can be found here:


Owning your own bench enables you to get in a quick upper body workout whenever you feel like it without having to travel all the way to the gym. Lifting weights at home is nice because there's no need to feel self-conscious about how much you're lifting; instead of trying to impress others in the gym by lifting weights that are too heavy for your current strength levels, you can let go of your ego and concentrate on using perfect exercise form with lighter weights.